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The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and wildlife conservation.

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For Advice About Wildlife Issues or Concerns, or for Wildlife Emergencies, Please call 540-837-9000
In the News
  Snow, an arctic fox, has new home at wildlife center
March 2014
Photo Taken By Willowsford Magazine Unsung Heroes
Fall 2013 page 65
Big Brown Bat Blue Ridge Wildlife Center Aides Ailing Animals 
February 2013
Barn Owls Rehabbed Blue Ridge Owls to be Set Free in New Home  November 2012
Great horned owl Great Horned Owls Returned to the Wild  September 2012
Red Fox Celebrating the Rescuers at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center  July 2012
Orphan Bobcat Around the Panhandle   May-June 2012
Bald Eagle A Lucky Recovery: The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center treating bird for lead poisoning
Bald Eagle in Crosshairs of US Fight over Lead Bullets  Yahoo News April 2012

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