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The Ridge Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and wildlife conservation.

Environmental Education Programs Offered by the BRWC

     We offer educational programs with live demonstrations of some of our area's magnificent native wildlife species.  Programs can be held at our outside pavilion, or at your school or club.  Choose from any of the following Education Programs:
Wild Virginia! Get up close and personal with your wild neighbors and learn all about their natural history. This program focuses on animals that live here in Virginia and interesting facts and stories about their lives. Animal guests may include: Fox, snake, turtle, raptor, opossum. VA SOLs are covered in this program.
Wildlife in Winter. It’s that time of year to pull on hats, a warm winter coat, mittens and boots. Have you ever wondered what our wild friends do when the temperatures start to dip and winter weather sets in? Learn how animals migrate, hibernate and adapt to survive the harsh winter weather. Animal guests may include: Arctic fox, turtle, snake, groundhog, bat, opossum, raptor.
Wings of Wonder. Come soar with the most amazing predators of the sky! This exciting program highlights the center’s birds of prey. Meet a couple of hawks and owls, or choose to focus on just one species. Find out how these incredible birds hunt and survive in the wild, and what you can do to ensure their continued survival. Animal guests may include: Eastern screech owls, Red tailed hawk, Red shouldered hawk, Barred owl and/or Great Horned owl. VA SOLs are covered in this program.
Backyard Neighbors The BRWC rescues and helps wild animals and then releases them back into the wild.  But some of our patients are unable to survive in the wild again so they live at the center and participate in our education programs.  This program highlights the ways wild animals become injured and what you can do when you find an animal in need of help. We’ll explore how we help animals at the BRWC and what you can do at home to help wildlife. Animal guests may include: raptors, wood turtle, bat, or any of our other non releasable education animals. VA SOLs are covered in this program.
All Creatures Great and Small. Every animal in our area has a unique and important place in its habitat but unfortunately many animals are maligned because they are misunderstood. Let us introduce you to some of these “misfits” so you can help us dispel the myths about these amazing creatures. Animal guests may include: bat, snake, groundhog, opossum, skunk. VA SOLs are covered in this program.
World At Night. An entire world comes to life after you go to sleep. Find out what special adaptations many of our area’s nocturnal animals possess to successfully navigate life in the dark. Animal guests may include: bat, flying squirrel, opossum, owl. VA SOLs are covered in this program.
Wildlife Encounters.  This unique opportunity is perfect for fairs and festivals. We will set up 2-3 tables with artifacts as well as bring some of our live education animals to visit with your guests. We will tailor this program specifically to your event so please call us for details and pricing.

Birthday Parties. Looking for a really wild way to celebrate your birthday? Hang out with some real wild ones from the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center and become a Wildlife Ambassador! We will bring several native animals to your party for your guests to learn about, and suggest how you and your guests can help wildlife. The birthday child will receive a special wildlife certificate. Maximum number of children for a birthday party program is 20.


We would like to thank the following businesses for their support:

Roseville and Plaza Veterinary Clinics
Winchester SPCA
Apple Valley Animal Hospital
Veterinary Surgical Center
Valley Emergency Veterinary and Referral Center

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."   Mahatma Gandhi

To Schedule a Program,
 Please Call the Center at

Once you have scheduled an education program, payment can be made with the PayPal button below. Money raised by our education programs is used to care for the injured, orphaned, and sick native wildlife rescued by the BRWC.

 Meet some of our wildlife instructors:

      Heather and Lucy, the Red-shouldered Hawk  
  Snow, the Arctic Fox   Heather and Lucy, the Red-shouldered Hawk
  Seymore, the Barred Owl   Dr. Burwell and Briar Rose the Red-tailed hawk  
  Seymore, the Barred Owl    Dr. Burwell with Briar Rose, the Red-tailed Hawk  
  Sugar, the flying squirrel   Fiona, the screech owl  
  Rocket, the Southern Flying Squirrel   Fiona, the Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl.  
  Ozzie the Opossum   Snuffy the Groundhog  
  Ozzie the Virginia Opossum    Snuffy the Groundhog   
      Shrek, the Gray Eastern Screech Owl  
  Beeker the Striped Skunk    Shrek, the Gray Phase Eastern Screech Owl  
  Slim, the Black Rat Snake      
  Slim, the Black Rat Snake      


Assembly programs: For groups larger than 50 we offer assembly style programs. These are good for an entire school or large library program, a stage show at a festival or fair.

30 Minute Assembly Program: $250.00   

45-60 Minute Assembly Program: $325.00

Small Group Presentations: For groups of up to 50 people we offer small group programs. These are good for classrooms, church groups, scout groups, birthdays.

30 Minute Small Group Program: $200.00

45-60 Minute Small Group Program: $250.00






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