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The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center is a non-profit wildlife conservation and rehabilitation organization located in Clarke County, Virginia.

Help the BRWC Grow
Rendering of the new Blue Ridge Wildlife Center

     The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center needs to build a new facility to meet the increasing demand for veterinary and rehabilitative care for wildlife, and a place the public can visit to learn about native wildlife.   
     Since our opening in 2004, the number of wild animals needing our assistance has increased 700%.  We have experienced the same increase in calls to our center asking for help, and in requests for education programs and for visits to the center. Now the BRWC is being asked to assist more than 1,500 animals every year, without a facility large enough to give care to this many animals.

The current Blue Ridge wildlife Center building

     Our current facility is a 200 year old cottage (above) that has only 800 square feet of floor space to accommodate our wildlife hospital equipment, our patients, and, during the summer, hundreds of orphan baby wildlife.
Proposed floor plan for the new building
     The new Blue Ridge Wildlife Center facility (floor plan above) will have enough room for a state of the art wildlife hospital, an education center, and the ability to house a wide variety of wildlife species. 
     This new facility will have animal rooms with individual climate control that will keep species at optimal temperatures. There will be two nurseries to accommodate the large number of orphans cared for at the center. 
     The environmental education center will have wildlife exhibits and a classroom.  There will be public viewing windows into the wildlife hospital and into the nurseries, which will enable the public to watch the specialized care needed to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support

Roseville and Plaza Veterinary Clinics
Winchester SPCA
Ayrshire Farm
Apple Valley Animal Hospital
Fergusons Enterprises
Veterinary Surgical Center
The Hope Center for Animals

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."   Mahatma Gandhi

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We need your help!

This summer the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center expects to rescue and raise more than 800 orphan baby wild animals.  Raising this many orphan wild animals is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. You can help by donating money or supplies to support our orphaned baby animals. Your gift is fully tax deductable and will ensure these baby animals get the care they need.  See our Donate page for a list of needed items.

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization and do not charge for our services. Because there is no local, state or federal funding to support the care of these animals, we are completely dependent on private donations.

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