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The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and wildlife conservation.


Our mission is to ensure the
preservation of native wildlife in
areas where development has
destroyed habitat and endangered wildlife. 
We rescue, provide veterinary care, and rehabilitate injured, orphaned, and sick native wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.  We monitor and control wildlife disease and environmental toxins, and we teach others the importance of preserving native wildlife species.

Bald eagle release   Did you see the CBS Story on the eagle rehabilitation and release?
Watch it Here
By Doug Pifer    The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center does not have enough room at its current facility to help all the animals needing care. Click Here to learn our plans for a new facility
Interns   Internships are available for individuals interested in learning about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Summer Internships and Six Month Internships.
  Summer Camp will be offered on Wednesdays starting June 24, 2015. See Camp Flyer and Registration Form here.
Porucpine   Porcupines are returning to this area.
Read this recent article the return of the porcupine.
  Would you like to volunteer here at the center? Click Here
Fawns There is a ban on feeding deer in Frederick, Clarke, Warren, and Shenandoah Counties due the risk of spreading Chronic Wasting Disease.  Read more about this deadly disease of deer.
Bob Cat Would you like to help the Center?! Click here to find out how!
Baby owls Did you know the BRWC has rescued and rehabilitated more than 1,000 orphan babies birds and mammals in 2014? Young wildlife become orphaned when their parents are killed or their nests or dens destroyed.  When that happens, the BRWC is here to help. Learn what you can do to help.
Big Brown Bat pup   Why are bat populations plummeting? White Nose Syndrome is a new fungal infection of North American bats and it's killing them by the thousands.
Learn more about White Nose Syndrome.
    Lead ammunition causes lead poisoning in some of our favorites species including hawks and eagles. Watch a video of an eagle recovering from lead poisoning. 
Read more about lead poisoning.
Juvenile rat snake   Can you identify Virginia's Snakes?  Did you know is against the law to kill a snake in Virginia? Test your knowledge of Virginia snakes.
Eastern Box Turtle Have you found or seen a turtle that you can't identify? Click this link


For advice about wildlife issues or concerns, or for help with wildlife emergencies
Please call 540-837-9000
Post-op Bald eagle Rehabilitated Bald Eagle

  The Blue Ridge Wildlife Center is a
501(c)3 charity that does not charge for its services. 
The wild animals we rescue do not have owners to pay for their care, nor there is any state, federal, or local funding for this service.  We are completely dependent on donations to pay for needed food, housing, and medication.

Please help us help these animals!! 
  Great horned owl release bback to the wild  
  The BRWC is extremely grateful to the Burwell-van Lennep Foundation for the rent-free use of our current cottage, and for a 50 year rent-free lease of 18 acres of land on which to build our new facility.  

on the impact of the
Blue Ridge Wildlife Center
on wildlife and the community.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support

 Roseville and Plaza Veterinary Clinics
Winchester SPCA
Ayrshire Farm Catering
Apple Blossom U-Store-It, Boyce
Mt Airy Farmers Market, Boyce
The Farm Store in Middleburg
Veterinary Surgical Center
The Hope Center for Animals
Caiman Plumbing

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."   Mahatma Gandhi

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